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Yep, it's been FOREVER since I've done anything on here.. However, on the 28th I plan on releasing a new single :D With that being said, please ignore my previous audio submissions..I didn't really know how to record at all then and the site won't let me take them down :/

final fantasy music

2009-10-16 22:44:46 by NerosBurningflame

Anybody like good final fantasy piano solos? well, here is a really great site just for that:

sheet music

2009-10-13 21:44:10 by NerosBurningflame

Anybody know were I can get some good trumpet sheet music? For free?

sheet music


2009-10-13 12:39:04 by NerosBurningflame

I know nobody is going to look at my page, but I hope to be making videos and trumpet solos eventually.
i'm still kinda a novice at it though, so it may be a little while.